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Forbidden Fruit 1980 Beijing, a memoir by Gail Pellett


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In 1980, Gail Pellett, a producer for radio and TV, moved from New York to Beijing to work as a "foreign expert" at Radio Beijing, China's equivalent to the Voice of America. Invited for her expertise and American-Canadian perspective, she was then treated as a Western spy. Chinese colleagues, acquaintances and, most painfully, lovers were warned away.

During a pivotal moment in post Cultural Revolution China when windows were being thrown open - and then, slammed shut -- this story records Pellett's journey from hope, naivete and ignorance through profound disillusionment and emotional pain to enlightenment in her efforts to taste Mao's forbidden fruit.

Gail Pellett is a writer, director, and producer of award-winning TV and radio documentaries. Her work has appeared on PBS, NPR, NBC, CBC and Pacifica Radio. Her articles have appeared in the Washington Post Magazine, Mother Jones and the Village Voice, as well as webzines.

For more information about the book or author, visit the author's website at www.gailpellett.com