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Årabrot // Helen Money // Insect Ark // Noctooa TONIGHT at GOLDEN BULL


The Golden Bull
412 14th St 94612 Oakland United States
Årabrot 11:15

Helen Money 10:30

Insect Ark 9:45

Noctooa 9

8pm $12


Arabrot Official
Norwegian rock pioneers Arabrot are just coming down after a US tour in July , and are now planning to release their 7th full length album.
During these 12 years of existence, Arabrot has managed to upset people in every possible way. From the get go in Haugesund Norway, where it all started, they’ve been provoking people with controversial artwork and unusual press shots. The singer’s voice was described “ Sounds like someone who just escaped a mental institution”. They have grown from there and have become something of a cult band with hard core fans all over the world.

Helen Money
Who is the singular figure that definitively transforms the cello into a thrilling, cathartic rock instrument? Alison Chesley, that’s who. That is, if you can even call the acclaimed music Chesley makes under the moniker Helen Money “rock”; that’s a little too pigeonholing for the relentless, maverick sounds she creates. As such, on Arriving Angels – the third Helen Money album, to be released February 5th, 2013 on landmark heavy-music label Profound Lore – she shatters genre limitations with groundbreaking fervor anew.

Insect Ark
Creating a personal soundtrack to the human psyche’s underbelly, Insect Ark weaves a brooding, textural landscape, a starless night spiked with light and flash. The music braids together delay-drenched lap steel guitar, acoustic and electronic drums, distorted bass & synths to create a sonic mural both uncomfortably intimate and icy cold.

Noctooa began as an inevitable collaboration between long time friends Sammy Fielding and Jorge Gallo. Clad in black robes, adorned in owl insignia, the duo set out to propagate their own brand of dark neo-folk music, aptly self-proclaimed "Cave Wave". Deep droning vocals, spacious guitars, thunderous drums, and weeping strings...